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Are you an EMS professional or Firefighter tired of working two or three jobs just to make ends meat?

Sure the money can be great but it’s time away. If you have been doing it for any length of time I am sure you have discovered that it is slowly taking more and more time away from your family.

What if I can show you simple ways to make money and stay at home with your family?

My name is Jim Hoffman and no this is not some multi level marketing or pyramid scheme. It is real. In fact, I have bee doing it for over 15 years.

My websites at emsseo.com and turbomedic.com are what keep me working just one job and spending more time with my family and friends.

Plus it has helped keep me injury free for over 25 years as paramedic by lessening the countless hours of lifting and moving people and equipment.

I have also helped many other professionals who had their own vision succeed. Providing help with marketing, web design, web copy and more.

I want to help you. Thats why I started a new podcast and something I am calling “The EMS Family Project”.

The goal is to get more EMS professionals and Firefighters to be able to stay at home with their families by making a side income equal to or greater than any part time job.

To get started I have a series of six videos to give you an idea on how easy it can be. Now these are basic videos and all online for easy viewing. The good news is that by signing up for them below you will be added to my exclusive list of Project members.

This way you will get more information and resources to help you succeed.

Watch this video

I hope you will take me up on this journey and claim access to the videos and content I will be providing. Just use the form below to get started. – Jim